Top Five Articles We Read This Week

At EdgeTheory, we create and source content for over 10,000 businesses every single day. This means, we are sourcing all corners of the Internet to find the best pieces out there from leaders we admire in various industries.

These were our standouts this week:


  • Steve Jurvetson’s Live Chat via Product Hunt. DFJ Partner and one of “Tech’s Best Venture Investors” per Forbes shares his thoughts on The Future of Technology, The Scope of Change at Tesla Motors, The Value of Cognitive Diversity and more. Check out the transcript here.

Female Founders

  • This #femalefounder started a jewelry business out of her spare bedroom and it is now valued at more than a billion dollars. Yeah — with a B. Go Kendra. Guy Raz hosts on How I Built This.



Digital Marketing

  • The Isle of Wight Council’s (@iwight on Twitter) Call-to-Action Campaign led to this #Winning Outcome. Hint: If Boaty McBoatface had a son, what would his name be?

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