Narrative Trends on Elon Musk’s Reversal

Musk once again makes headlines by walking away from a board seat on Twitter

2 min readApr 15, 2022

Elon Musk has solidified himself as the biggest wildcard on the internet. Just days after becoming the biggest single shareholder in Twitter and being offered a seat on the company’s board, Musk has now apparently declined that offer.

Many speculate the billionaire’s motive. Theories range from it all being an elaborate pump and dump scheme, to it being part of his plan for a hostile takeover of Twitter’s board.

Regardless, the narratives around Musk and Twitter have skyrocketed:

Narrative dynamics for Musk & Twitter

The Kudzu Narrative Intelligence Brief on Musk and Twitter analyzed 443 narratives that were published on April 11th alone.

Most of the narratives surround the board move, with key phrases highlighting Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, founder Jack Dorsey, and the board of directors.

Keywords “edit button” and “improvements to Twitter” are still among the top phrases, suggesting that the media is anxious to know how Musk will use his significant investment to change Twitter.

A smaller but notable top keyword is “Donald Trump.” The Kudzu brief found 172 mentions of the former president’s name, which could be tied to the speculation that Musk might lobby to unban Trump with his sizable investment in the platform.

With all the twists and turns in the Musk and Twitter story, the narrative is not over. This Kudzu Narrative Brief will update as the world waits for Musk’s next move with Twitter.




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