What is Parler?

Founded in 2018 by two Nevada-based software engineers, John Matze and Jared Thomson, Parler — which is named after the French word meaning “to speak” — has said it is a free speech platform, with much looser guidelines around what people can post to the site. Rebekah Mercer was recently identified a major investor of the microblogging and social media app. Mercer, who along with her father, hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, has been a backer of President Trump and is also a major donor to conservative causes, including Breitbart News and former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

Does Parler Matter?

In a word, “yes”. Any platform that allows little or no content moderation can be a breeding ground for the proliferation of volatile narratives. In recent years, cries of conservative bias or accusations of censorship have made way for several alternative platforms, including Gab, 4chan and 8chan.

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